I Write about Mary Magdalene

I Write about Mary Magdalene



The mysterious Mary.  Who was she?

Mary stands on the world and around her head are twelve stars.  The artist was saying something that he took from the Book of Revelation in the Bible;  Then a great and mysterious sight appeared in the sky.  There was a woman;  whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.  But Revelation never mentioned Mary Magdalene by name.

  Only a few words about Mary Magdalene were written in the four gospels of the Bible and then nothing, for example, in Acts.  She became lost in the mysteries of time.  She wasn't even recognised as a disciple of Jesus.

  What happened to her?   How was a historian like myself to find out?

  I live in the south of France and I heard the legends that she, and Jesus too, came to live here in the Languedoc.  How could this be?  I had to answer that question and I think I have succeeded.

  Writing my books took me on a journey which never ends; each book illuminated something that made my quest continue further with more than a few surprises along the way.

  I am not a fanciful person;  I don't imagine that Mary Magdalene talks to me; but everything new I find out confirms research that has gone before.

  So please follow me, through my books listed on the right, through a journey of exploration.

  Also included on this site are articles and stories about events and people, in the time of Mary and Jesus, that may well surprise you.  We have a whole list of articles about places in Languedoc associated with Mary Magdalene, through churches, legends and sometimes, psychic visions.

  Using this site 

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 Together, we will find out more about Mary Magdalene, and my books about her.  My "bestseller" is the book called "The Sacred Journey."  That sold out four times during the summer of 2013 and so a second edition was printed.  You can buy your copy here.


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