I Write about Mary Magdalene

I Write about Mary Magdalene

Looking for Mary M - BOOK

 Everything you need to find Mary Magdalene
   Interactive and fun, this is one of my most popular books!  Some like it for the research pages - some for the story of Mary Magdalene from an historical perspective.
  I have often found when researching there is so much to see that it's hard to remember it all.  That's why I designed this "Research Kit," so readers will have their own unique record of what they found.
   The book also contains new research; the story of Mary Magdalene as an historical figure, a real and courageous woman who played a leading role in early Christianity, and especially in the founding of Catharism.   Since the discovery of alternative gospels, and archeological research in the Holy Land, we have a very clear picture of the life of Jesus, his disciples, and his dearest friends in Bethany - Mary Magdalene, Martha and Lazarus.
  Mary M and Jesus fell in love against a dramatic background of violence and insurgence in Judea, then, with the help of their Roman friends, they were smuggled out of Galilee to arrive safely in the Narbonne region of France.  The story is based on history and little known parts of the Bible itself; you may find some parts disturbing and controversial.  
  The book ends with the discussion; "Was Mary Magdalene the Eternal Goddess?"
 For my French friends; please note this book is only available in English. 

A peep inside
 . . . to give you a good idea . . .


 This book is available only from Val Wineyard Publishing.  Click on the little arrow on the Paypal button for your option, click it, then click "Buy Now."  Countries outside Europe are included in the USA option.

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