I Write about Mary Magdalene

I Write about Mary Magdalene

Claudia Procula, Friend of Mary Magdalene - BOOK

ClaudiaProcula600.jpg     CPfrancais.jpg  No, you are not seeing double!

  This book is published in both English and French, translated and revised for French researchers by my colleague, Kris Darquis.  It was launched in Rennes-le-Château on April 7th 2014.
  Claudia Procula was a Roman princess and the wife of Pontius Pilate, the man who ordered Jesus Christ to be crucified.
  Throughout the history of Christendom, Pontius Pilate has been despised.  When the Church became Roman, the Jews, it was said, drove Pilate to execute Jesus and it was all the fault of the Jews that Jesus was tortured.  This led to the prejudice against the Jews that exists to this day.  But Pilate's motivations were not quite as we are led to believe . . .
  What really happened, and what did Pilate's wife have to do with it?
  There's evidence that Claudia Procula tried to save Jesus and she was a secret disciple.  She was the grand-daughter of the great Emperor Augustus so she was of Royal blood.

  When Claudia married Pontius Pilate, she went to Judea with him.  This was rare for aristocratic wives, to follow their husbands on overseas postings, they usually stayed in Rome.  I found out who her father was, and why it was not safe for her to remain in Rome.  She was only 16.
  Her life in Judea was luxurious, living in her own palace and socialising with other people in theirs.  As the wife of the highest Roman official in Judea, she was the most important woman in the region.  So how did she get involved with Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

  By setting this story against the backdrop of Roman history of the time, by looking at the dates to see who was doing what and where, I've been able to unravel the life of Claudia Procula, the secret disciple of Jesus and the friend of Mary Magdalene.   Claudia Procula played a far bigger role in the Bible story than has ever been suspected.

  Everyso often, interest in Claudia Procula re-surfaces and then disappears again . . . Claudia was played by Jeanne Crain in this 1962 film. 

  Due to my knowledge of Roman history, (I am a member of historical groups here in France) I was able to study exactly what was going on in Roman circles at the time.   Claudia's story unravels, until she came to France and was near her friends, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I was able to prove that Claudia Procula is the unknown "secret link" in the story of how Mary Magdalene and Jesus came to live at Rennes-les-Bains in the Corbières of France.

  The "Roman Bridge" at Rennes-les-Bains

    The contents also include her descendance from the great emperor Augustus himself, the link between her birthplace Narbonne and the nearby Rennes-les-Bains, and the secret of who her father was.   Rennes-les-Bains is growing rapidly in popularity now; to read more, click here.

What the readers say

  It seems like Roman history comes alive for you.  I felt that sense when reading your book on Claudia.  You have probably walked where she walked.  How cool is that?  Gloria Amendola, USA

I love your writing style!  The whole thing flows well.  Paul Wylie, Ireland.

Meanwhile, Claudia Procula was the grand daughter of the Emperor Augustus, who was proclaimed a God, even before he died.   Here’s a film about Augustus that I found quite moving.

It's not expensive

The e-book costs 3.90 US dollars.  You can buy it from  Smashwords.  (Click on the link.)

"Claudia Procula"  is also available as a print book.  Click on the little arrow to find your country (USA includes anywhere outside Europe), click that, and then click Buy Now.


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 If you prefer to buy using Amazon, then you can do so.  Find the book on Amazon.co.uk here.  

 For our French readers; The French edition is available in the bookshop at Rennes-le-Château. If you prefer to buy using Amazon.fr, then click here.

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