I Write about Mary Magdalene

I Write about Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene and the Secrets of Languedoc BOOK

Please Note; this title has now sold out and we won't be re-printing because it was done especially for "Lorrie's Angels" in Alet-les-Bains which closed down in September 2015, to our great distress and disappointment.   

The title people are fascinated by!

   "Mary Magdalene and the Saints of Languedoc - Your Everlasting Yearbook" is truly everlasting; you can start it any day of the year and keep it forever.


   Each and every page offers you an anecdote, or history, or a suggestion, that you can use for practical purposes, like holiday planning, or for spiritual meditation.  There's a space for you to write your own experience or thoughts of that day.  There's events, places to visits, stories about the Cathars and the Troubadours, country churches with beautiful statues, local personalities to do with the Rennes-le-Château mysteries, the lives of Jesus and his disciples, Roman Gods and Goddesses, the Celts in Languedoc, astrology and much more - a positive cornucopia of hidden knowledge!


  Some stories are a little - shocking?   The lives of the saints include many horrific stories of the sexual torture of young women, especially young beautiful women, by angry fathers or husbands, because they would not give up their faith, or refused to be sold in marriage.  The feminist implication of these was immense. Not to mention the strange delight the Roman Church takes in these stories.

  There are other stories to take you by surprise; like Pope Celestine, who was considered not suitable for his position because he gave away too much to the poor!  (and was then imprisoned.)  Or like St. Antoine of Padua, that we all love for helping us find lost things, who was rewarded by the church for being "the hammer of the heretics."  The "heretics" were the Cathars so maybe he was not very Christian and we are not so fond of him after all.

I also discovered that many saints had not even existed;  the Roman Church did not want to "let go" of their Pagan goddesses so they turned them into saints!  And I discuss the theory that events at Easter reflected those at Christmas, because Jesus was "the return of the light."  And I add the true stories of the saints, who weren't very saintly at all when you look at what they did; the "inner core" was Mary Magdalene, her brother Lazarus and Jesus's mother,plus some other lady disciples, who never ran away when Jesus was crucified.

  Ideas to take your breath away.

  More practically, if you are in the region on holiday, there are yet more ideas; you can go to the myriad markets and festivals held in the villages, explore old churches, or you can climb Canigou or Bugarach, or marvel at the Cathar castles or you can find the beach where Mary Magdalene and Jesus landed when they came to Languedoc.  You can explore your spirituality in quiet woodland glades and you can go swimming in sacred rivers.  You can even  book an aeroplane to fly over the Cathar castles!  The "Secrets of Languedoc" book is essential for a holiday in the region.

canigou.jpg  Canigou; the magic mountain loved by the Catalans and the Visigoths before them.

The book, size A5, has 252 pages in colour and black-and-white, illustrated on every page, crammed with 366 stories for every day of the year.  There are spaces for you to write your own experiences; 366 of them.  And it's fun to look up the entries for all your friend's birthdays.


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